my time at SHE GRRROWLS

Thought I would share a few video highlights at some of the work I did at She Grrrowls.

Honestly, I think this was my first nurturing collaboration/working environment. I learnt so much and Carmina cultivated the safest performance spaces I have ever been to. Also wanna say that she was like the Akon to my Lady Gaga. I finally got the opportunity to fully express delicate storytelling. I found my ideal audience there.

It is my dream to see more nurturing spoken word spaces like this. Also shout out to Rose Condo + Emilie Epperlein aka My Hairy Vulva and Me

Also just to let you know where your girl was at, towards the end of 2019, (after 8 months volunteering), I asked Carmina, “what is intersectional feminism?”. Ok before you get upset, my feminism was already down that pathway, but yoh! I did not know the name for it.

ok so here are my fave videos.

*disclaimer – dont just watch mine, there are loads more videos of other incredible womxn poets. As much as I do like to toot my own horn, YOU ARE NOT READY! for the talent I shared the stage with.

me attempting to track my thoughts
unnamed PART 1
unnamed PART 2

Trigger warning for the last video (sexual assault + mental health)

disadvantage (featured in Chosen Family)

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