Choosing To Romanticise My Life

My purpose is to

‘make love to time’

To romanticise my time in this life.

This blog post is going to discuss the benefits of having a purpose. Having a purpose can be helpful in making decisions that best align with your values. This can be particularly helpful during stressful times.

The idea of having a purpose to live by first came to me via the book, Act Accordingly, by Colin Wright. The book had been recommended by Michaela Coel in a 2018 article in the Guardian.

After reading the book, the purpose I chose was to, ‘make love to time’. I wanted my purpose to be a reminder that I have very limited time in this life and to romanticise each waking moment. To treat my time on this earth as though it was my lover.

I now watch more sunrises and sunsets. Take in all the hues of light that pass through clouds. I set up my plates of food to have lots more colors to excite my eyes and mouth. I listen more. Take in the full picture, sounds and textures.

At times when I feel overwhelmed, I ask myself, “how can I romanticise my life right now?”. Often it is by lighting a few candles, burning some essential oils and making myself a pretty drink. Not only are these things aesthetically pleasing, they also help to calm me down.

Having a purpose to live by can be beneficial in all areas of life. Especially when it comes to making decisions best aligned with our values.

Do you have a purpose you have chosen to live by? I would love to read about it in the comments.

x x x

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