New Poetry Collection

Chosen Family

Adapted from a spoken word solo show, Chosen Family by ibizo Iami is a raw but gentle story of recovery and strength. Set in the waiting room of Dr Unicorn’s office, Ibizo reflects on the instances that have knocked them down and built them back up again. Through emotionally charged poems and monologues, we start to unpick the importance of boundaries, love and expression in the quest to recover the body from trauma. We meet friends and concepts along the way that shape ibizo’s journey to finding their chosen family. Chosen Family has been adapted for the page by Burning Eye Books.


Zimbabwean born artist, ibizo lami, uses multiple mediums to celebrate their personal experiences and identity. Some core themes in their work are their motivation for positive mental health and love of good food. ibizo lami is a former cohost of She Grrrowls, a feminist arts night, and has travelled with the show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019. ibizo lami has performed live at multiple poetry events across the country including That’s What We Said and Spoken Word London. ibizo lami is the founder and organiser for, Self Care Saturdays, the online event that discusses the  nourishment of the mind, body and spirit. ibizo lami is currently based in Surrey.


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